About Our Brand

At Duke Financial & Insurance Strategies, nothing we do is by chance. Every decision is made purposefully including the Duke logo. It may seem like a nice graphic that fits easily into the “D” in our name, but it is so much more than that.

The Pillar

The pillar represents the strength of our client/adviser relationship with you. As a pillar is perfectly straight, we work to make sure our relationship is perfectly aligned. This alignment is achieved by knowing what your financial goals and objectives are. We will help you design and implement a plan that takes you where you want to go. You can be confident that our name is a pillar you can trust and lean on. As a pillar supports a building and helps it last throughout generations, the financial plan that results from our relationship will provide support to your family for generations to come.

The Four Lines

Within the pillar there are four lines which represent the four values our company stands on:

Integrity – Our business was created for you and we will always put your needs first.

Respect – We will always listen and take to heart every detail that is important to you before we offer any suggestions to improve your financial health.

Knowledge – We are dedicated to being the most knowledgeable advisors in the business so we are always able to offer the most innovative financial solutions for you.

Thoughtfulness – Because we truly care about your financial health and success, we will spend however much time it takes to create the perfect, customized plan for you.

The “D”

Two blue curves create the “D” in our name. The smaller, inner curve represents where you are now. The thicker, outer curve represents where you will go and the wealth accumulation we strive to help you create. In between these two curves is where you find us, the catalyst that helps make your financial growth possible. We will go with you from the less developed side of your financial situation to the financially strong side you want to see.